AIR'PORT 2020, container tracking for TGO labeled by EMC2 and Images et Réseaux!

Pilgrim Technology, and PASCA are co-developing "AIR'PORT 2020" to meet the needs of TGO (Grand West Terminal) to know the position of the containers on the site in real-time and to raise temperatures on containers under controlled temperature ( to avoid the loss of cargo).

This mission, now carried out by TGO staff via foot rounds, has drawbacks: the length of the rounds, the risk of accidents, the problem of areas not controlled daily, sometimes complex access ...

The "AIR'PORT 2020" project will, therefore, consist of providing TGO’s personnel with an autonomous UAV carrying Artificial Intelligence to precisely map the position of the containers on the port site - to within a few centimeters - in real-time and control containers under controlled temperature. This new tool will provide staff with more accurate and less labor-intensive tracking.

The interest of TGO is to improve the rotation capacity while optimizing the safe operation for the teams in the field.

The project will start in 2019 but in October 2018, the two competitiveness clusters EMC2 and Images & Réseaux have labeled the project, showing their commitment to the digitization of the industry and the development of the human being in the factory that will be engaged by this consortium combining professionals industrial and new technologies!

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