Since 2012, Pilgrim Technology is a recognized player in the technical industrial inspection, our fields of predilection are Oil & Gas, Marine, Offshore, EMR, and Nuclear. We stand apart from other inspection stakeholders because we develop and manufacture our inspection tools: drones and robots.

Our business skills (control of industrial inspection, CND, COFREND, FROSIO) as well as the know-how of our teams allowing us to have a "smart" use of these technologies, and to design tailor-made solutions to meet the special needs of our customers.

A drone or a robot are perfect vectors for applications such as aerial photography, cartography, dimensional control, industrial surveillance, security or safety missions.

Economic, Ecological and Secure our solutions are tailor-made to meet the entire value chain of our clients' businesses.

Each development meets specific needs and adapts to constraints (environment of use, size not to be exceeded, payload, autonomy, noise ...) by integrating different technologies of sensors, positioning...

The data collected by the onboard sensors can be processed and operated internally or by our data processing department.

The innovation of Pilgrim Technology is based on 3 pillars:

  • The reliability and safety of its drones and robots
  • Its custom design for unique devices
  • Integrating the latest technologies to have the most innovative solution

Our devices are designed, developed and manufactured in France in our workshops near Nantes. Our design office has developed a wide range of devices to cover the majority of business needs, we are open to any specific and tailor request.

We intervene according to the needs expressed throughout the value chain:

Needs analysis / UAV definition / sensor definitions / data processing / training.

Notre équipe

Anne-Marie Haute - CEO

Representing the company at trade fairs and conferences, in charge of business development, R&D

  • Member of the Board of UVS International
  • Participant in the work of the Council for Civil Drones
  • Expert for DGAC at JARUS WG 2 and WG 5
  • Member of ASD-STAN/D 1/WG 4 "UAS Unmanned Aircraft Systems"
  • Member of EUROCAE WG-107

Frédéric Chesnin - Directeur Technique
Co-fondateur, responsable de l'inspection industrielle

Inspecteur Marine Class pour le Lloyd's Register of Shipping
Inspecteur pour le compte de SHELL / EXXONNMOBIL / CHEVRON

Emmanuel Aumond - Inspecteur 
Spécialiste marine, Emmanuel intervient particulièrement sur les missions elec

Aurélie Guesdon - Traitement des datas
Photogrammètre, Aurélie s’occupe du traitement des données : photogrammétrie, lasergrammétrie, NDVI …

  • 3D Studio Max, Blender, Maya
  • QGIS, ArcGis
  • Meshlab, CloudCompare
  • Agisoft Photoscan, Pix4D
  • Unity, AutoCad

Loïc Haute - Inspecteur - Technicien - Télépilote - R&D
Rattaché à la partie drone, Loïc s’occupe du dessin des pièces et du choix de la ligne motorisation/alimentation. C’est sur lui que repose la très grande autonomie de nos machines.



Gaël Cormerais - Inspecteur 
Spécialiste marine, intervient particulièrement sur les missions elec

Guillaume Morin-Duponchelle - R&D - phd student
Rattaché à la partie drone, Guillaume viens de se lancer sur une thèse en CIFRE au sein de Pilgrim Technology.

Elie de Riols de Fonclare - Ingénieur Télépilote - R&D
Rattaché à la partie drone, il conçois les nouvelles machines et surtout les pilote.

Eden Constantin - Inspecteur 


Geoffroy Fougère - Card Manager


Hugo Chapuis-Keriven - Télépilote et R&D

Sébastien Didier - Inspecteur et dessinateur


Laurence Pied - Inspecteur


Mohamed Masmoudi - Inspecteur

Anicet Soulard - Inspecteur 

Pierre Schoesetters -Ingénieur
Conception des robots